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There’s no reason to be marginalized or mediocre as a life insurance agent or annuity advisor.

You can immediately learn how to operate a pre-eminent manner and tap into all the greatness and impact your effort and commitment deserve with this new Whitepaper, co-authored by the “Marketing Savant” Success Magazine calls “America’s No. 1 Marketing Wizard,” Jay Abraham and Paul Feldman, award winning publisher of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine.

The Strategy of Preeminence is a powerful, yet simple strategy that almost single-handedly can transform your business or career. When you are perceived as preeminent, people are enthusiastic to do business with you instead of your competitors.

This report will teach you how to achieve uncanny insight into what people want, and the reasons why they act and react in various ways. When you understand people at this deep level, clients will want to be your friends for life. And you find your passion and connection to everyone with whom you associate strengthen and grow – inside and outside of business.

As a special 5-year anniversary gift to InsuranceNewsNet readers, we partnered with the one of the world’s top super consultants and whom Forbes calls “The Real Thing” – Jay Abraham – to create an invaluable report that will truly help our readers to transform and transcend your business to entirely new heights.

Once you begin to use it you will always – not just sometimes – stand out in the minds and hearts of your clients, employees, and prospects as the very best there is. You will be the “preeminent” choice.

Discover the POWER of Preeminence with this 36 page guide and learn to:

Co-authored by the legendary two time best-selling author Jay Abraham, the “$9.4 Billion Man” that Success Magazine calls “America’s No. 1 Marketing Wizard.” Jay is easily recognized as one of the most famous and recognized business builder in 4 continents. Consulting with and growing companies has been a big part of how Jay Abraham has engaged and built relationships with 18,000 businesses in 465 different fields and industries. His clients have included Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily, Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, The Deming Organization, a founder of FedEx, and the top sales executive for CBS Radio, to name a few. His revenue driven strategies have generated $9.4 Billion in revenue through his 30 year career.

Paul Feldman is the award winning Publisher of InsuranceNewsNet Magazine and the industry’s number one ranked news website. This report is designed to inspire our readers to achieve new heights in their career and to better serve clients, who are the lifeblood of our industry.

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