Vertical Vision

For Your Clients Looking for a Combination of Both Accumulation AND Income

Yes! I want to get access to the product sales kit and the time-sensitive special production bonus.

Income Potential

  • An income guarantee and the opportunity for higher income through the performance multiplier
  • The performance multiplier can create an income base up to 150 percent of the total account value, which determines the lifetime income payments

Accumulation Potential

  • Vesting premium bonus up to 8 percent1
  • Flexibility to allocate to both no fee or fee index options offering higher potential
  • S&P 500 monthly point-to-point (with 1.00 percent fee) cap — 2.85 percent2
  • Barclays Trailblazer Sectors 5 Index uncapped, with a spread, two-year point-to-point (with 1.00 percent fee) — 130 percent participation2